Spray Drying Services

Arch Spray Drying Services specializes in laboratory and pilot scale spray drying.  We currently have three dryers available for testing:

Bowen #1 Laboratory Tower spray dryer.
The Bowen dryer is equipped with two fluid nozzle atomization and can be operated in either co-current or counter-current configuration. There are powder collection points at the drying chamber and cyclone. Maximum evaporative capacity is approximately 36 kg of water per hour @ 500C inlet.
Bowen 1
APV/Anhydro Model S-1 Laboratory spray dryer
The S-1 dryer can be operated using rotary or two fluid nozzle atomization. It is equipped with single point product collection at the cyclone. Typical evaporation rate is generally in the range of 1 to 7 kg of water per hour.
Anhydro 1
Hemraj LAB 1 Glass spray dryer
The LAB 1 dryer is equipped with two fluid nozzle atomization and can be configured to use single point or two point product collection. Maximum evaporation rate is 2.5-3 kg per hour (220C inlet). The dryer is equipped with a PLC/Touch screen for automatic batch operation.
Arch Lab 1 Glass spray dryer
The Lab 1 dryer can also be adapted to allow operation using a closed loop, inert atmosphere. Typical evaporation rate is ~1 kg/hr.
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